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how this improves my life// Not wanting millions of dollars to go into your games, Not creating your own studio, Not becoming filthy rich by selling out "Cupcake: Part two you can waifu harder!" How can you be in the video game industry without a Jew within you? Are you a true pure neckbeard?

They haven't got my soul yet, anon. Not yet!
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What will it take for Sempai to notice you?

1. b a cutest ok
2. u shud dont b on a not a cutest
3. ok its it done bye
ok its my life lessen 4u lern it rite =3= bye
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Sempai, a 47 year old millionaire woman would likely look younger than you. Money buys the best personal trainers, health advisors, cosmetic surgeries, and so on. You're thinking with your loner instincts, now!

You're talking to someone who made Sakura his waifu for laifu, Espernyan. 47 might as well be 147.

Who is the strangest person you've ever met?

Hmm... hard to say.
I'm probably too much of an edgelord to find others that strange. Also I have a real "live and let live" mentality about stuff like that. Who cares what I find strange? We're all a weirdo to someone.
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Kojima-senpai can probably follow the path of Inafune-senpai and Kogarashi-senpai by starting a Kickstarter and make tons of pledge money to laugh at their former company masters.

>mighty no. 9
If Inafune is laughing, he's laughing at us.
And we deserve it.
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Some 47 year old millionaire women walks up to you Dan. She tells you she'll sponsor all your video game creations, Pay all your living expenses and buy the latest art programs for you. But only if you marry her and have three kids with her. Would you do it dan? Would it be worth it?

>47 year old woman
>having three kids
Good fucking luck.
And I don't see how this improves my life... I already get to work on games all morning and make the comics I want in the evenings. Well, you kno, when I'm not sick and/or blowing my time on ask.fm : T
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Kuu... what was I thinking...? | You weren't, sempai, you were feeling, with your haato. Unfortunately, hearts don't have brains, so they can lead us to do dumb stuff sometimes. Hopefully Kojima forms his own studio. A STUDIO TO SURPASS KONAMI! That'd be best, right?

As long as we don't get Mighty Serpent 9 outta this I'm okay.

Should I spend a few more bucks and get the COMPLETE EDITION of Bloodborne, sempai? I mean, 'complete' is a good thing for a game to be, right? It's also a download, so I can't choke on the small parts, which I guess is an okay thing.

Yes. The Old Hunters DLC is (elder)godlike.

>Implying Kojima can't walk to literally any vidya studio on the planet and get hired on the spot. Each step he take sound like a cash register.

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W-what happened to Large Leedah, sempai? D-don't tell me some sort of HUGE HONCHO EVIL WRONGHORN TWIN got her

After operation Cake Eater, Large Leedah left herdmerica to start her own herd -- a herd for the herdless... a "Outer Herd".
Little did she know that a mysterious organization had taken some of her eggs and begun a project to recreate the ultimate leedah ... a project that would be her downfall... "Les Smallhorns that are Bad and Scary!"

How's Disgaea 5, Dan?

It's FRESH, man.
Play the demo and you'll be hooked. It's the Disgaea I've been waiting for since Disgaea 1. Characters are lovable, tons of new features like Charaworld, custom maps, invaders, custom colours for generic units, squads, automated netherworld exploration for units you don't use as much... and I'm only about 20% into the game.
And there's a lot more variety and weirdness in the item world now. You can even customize your "route" through the item world to make certain events and map types more or less likely!
Oh, also, the new high res sprites are delicious... tons of insert art in menus, too. The polish and production values are tops.
Did you know you can make a Pregnant♥Healer?
How about a magical girl who pretends to be a cutest and hides her shitty personality?
Download that demo, man.

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