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CS is worthless without some kind of domain application. Business, design, games, web, math, stats, bio, language, etc (fuck I'd hire a philosophy minor over someone without every time). As long as you at least have _something_ besides coding knowledge alone you're good.

Red mage is the way to go.

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Hokusai made the Great Wave when he was 70. Sure he died 18 years later, before he reached his final form where 'each dot and line will have a life of its own'. But you've still got years ahead, man.

There's no tomorrow, only today. I gotta work.
But first I gotta sleep and get over this sickness (again).

Don't give up, Dan. You're a real damn inspiration y'know that? Last year I re-discovered your work, which led me to reading through all of MGNQ. All that and JBP lectures led me to digging out the /ic/ artbook repository and re-learning to draw from the start. (1/2)

(cont'd below)
You also made me apply for Computer Science in Uni instead of trying for some prestigious social science thing because heck - if you can make vidya as your dayjob and do comics at night why the hell can't I? You made me believe I can follow my dreams. (2/3)
I don't have an online presence or anything now, but really one day when I finally do, I really want to properly thank you. (3/3)
Thanks for the kind words, anon. Best of luck with your drawing and vidya!
I have to get my act together and update more often. I can't let it end like this!

>The days and years are different on Big Egg, but Vicky has seen the melons ripen 10 times. That's one way to keep count. | Then give her age in terran

Who knows?
She's old enough to have kids of her own and for the little sisters to consider her 'old'. Under all the scarring and battle damage she'd probably look somewhere between her late teens to mid 20s.

How much research has been done on the himehorns biology? Given how genetically similar they seem to be I would imagine they would make for fascinating specimens. Even better is that as long as the mother horns aren't harmed one could create a a self perpetrating sample factory for more research.

Or you could have omelettes for breakfast every day!
There's some basic information in the Templar Handbook -- appearance, how to track and kill, edible parts, etc. -- but most of the research is done by Westhouse. And you can never quite take Westhouse at their word. But that's a story for another time.


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