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Defectivehorn keeper here. Uno told me that old musclehorn is from the wild herd, not from the caves. That would explain how she arrived here. The wild herd knows about my little herd. Still, the old horn is putting the younger musclehorns though rigorous training paces. 1/2

Hmm... an old master...

When can we expect a virtual cupcake youtuber? (Darkcake is fine too)

Hey youtube your almost a cutest BALTUA YOOTOOBAA Darkcake here with another episode let's just jump right in guys this episode brought to you by megucorp meguca catering services for your event or office cake needs hey thanks for the sub darkbuttlover99 thanks for 14 months wow thank YOU droolonmenow for that 10 sheet gonna get some nice cake with that ok so whoa outta time don't forget to like and subscribe and bang that bell peace out [outro music]
When can we expect a virtual cupcake youtuber Darkcake is fine too

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2/2 if this old musclehorn has any wisdom to pass on to @muscle_Horn ,Speakeasy, and Snowhorn. I hope she will teach it to them. I'll try to learn what I can of her life and herd, but she's very broken hearted right now. maybe my smallhorns can cheer her up.

Poor masslehorn.
The best thing you can do for an old masslehorn is have one of your haremhorns give her gentle scrubs and a few kind words in her ear. Please pamper her soon, before she becomes too confused and disoriented to understand. ;_;

Defectivehorn keeper here, I figured this might happen one day. But that day has arrived. I found and took in an elderly Musclehorn. She was alone, hungry, and confused. Although is is very old, she's still surprisingly strong. She might have been an incredible musclehorn in her prime. 1/2

oh no

Hey dan, what is your artistically and spiritually most valuable game ?

Probably Ecco The Dolphin 2: Tides of Time or Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei. The world design and creature design in Panzer is amazing, and I love the gameplay. Ecco 2 had a really unique atmosphere and concept -- THE DARK SOULS OF DOLPHIN GAMES

Defectivehorn keeper here, Spring is coming in full force now. The trees and plants are flowering and blooming everywhere. My horns act like they never seen such a thing before. I guess living in the caves all their lives before coming to me left them this way. 1/2

H-happy horns!
Happy grass!!
Happy flowers!!!

2/2 My smallhorns have, not surprisingly, attached themselves to the sleeping @muscle_Horn and won't let go. So I don't think she's going to leave anytime soon.

I hope she gets plenty of rest. I wonder what she'll do about the wrongherdsmell... maybe she's too tired to care...? ;ww;

Defectivehorn keeper here. I'm not one to be surprised by much, but I just have @muscle_Horn show up at my house and herd. Uno gave her a good bath and scrub down. We fed her till she was stuffed and now she's asleep. She looks like the most exhausted musclehorn I have seen yet. 1/2

Defectivehorn keeper here Im not one to be surprised by much but I just have


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