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impregnated by who

Who knows? If there are male himehorns, no outsider has ever seen one. It's possible that they simply reproduce asexually... they all look pretty much the same, after all.
I should make some himehorn 4komas at the end of the chapter. It'd be nice to have a little story about a hornmother plopping out a few eggs, hiding 'em under some pillows, and being a little sad when she comes back to find that they're gone... ... (the haremhorns steal 'em away and incubate them themselves). A Himehorn's Everyday Life.

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not really, been following for a while but decided to go back and try a fresh start. without what i knew from twitter and ask.fm, i'd have been fucked, and i think that's shit. but the complaint about no backgrounds still holds up even with extra knowledge.

Okay, backgrounds would help, but that's slowly improving.
Anyway, I make my comics the way I do because I couldn't find the kind of comics I wanted out in the world. No hand-holding, maximum inference game, no safety nets. I proceed with all background material assumed, not stated.
Now that's only going to appeal to a very, very narrow audience. That's fine. I have no interest in popularity. I only want the kind of comic I want to read to exist in this world. Full stop.
not really been following for a while but decided to go back and try a fresh

bro, your webcomic is an incomprehensible mess. i just tried reading through vampire bride from the start and every page throws up so many questions its unreal. plus, the overall lack of backgrounds on many other pages makes understanding the action an act of it's own. pls fix intel and images k

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who is best nasuverse

I don't really like any of 'em to be honest. If I had to pick, probably Arc - she seems the most fun.

Are himehorns even consolable? I was thinking you could give one a hug but that would just seem like you're grabbing them to eat them and pick your teeth with their pulled out horns. Head pats didn't work so whats left? Peace pancakes?

If you're adventuring undreground and find a half-dug-out space in solid rock, try leaving sweet treats in dark places. A musclehorn might bring it back to a motherhorn and make her happy for a little while.

How did you get the idea for the himehorns?

They look like pretty standard oni-girls, I guess. The bullying and suffering are necessary to fit them into the vampire bride world.

I will give you an unlimited amount of money and pastries if you cancel the vampire bride series and reboot it with a himehorn bride series.

A secret himehorn+human village would be cute, wouldn't it? Maybe a little place carved out the side of a sheer whitestone cliff near the equator where it's still warm and the sun stays up all day... The humans could fish from shore the himehorns could cultivate roots and go whaling on giant longboats...
They could huddle together in the reinforced strongrooms when big storms blew threw...
It's a nice image.
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I choose to believe that somewhere in the netherworld is a 'Vicky's Victims' after-party / support group, where everyone is friendly and everything is comfy and nobody gets beaten or decapitated. I expect it to be quite full before the story is over.

Sounds like the perfect 4koma extra for the Vampire Bride book.
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How the balls did the himehorns survive this long? They seem kinda busted.

They himehorns were driven underground by the humans, but the humans themselves aren't great in number and greatly restricted in range. The humans are far too occupied with fighting the vampires to spend significant resources on exterminating the already-broken himehorns and other subjugated races. Every now and then to send some emissaries to maintain a state of terror and bring back tributes, but that's about it.
The himehorns are in a tough place, actually. If the humans destroy the vamipres, the Templar Guardianship be free to begin their final crusade and exterminate the himehorns (and everyone else). If the vampires finally wipe out the humans, they'll slowly spread across the surface and then finally underground... ... .... and living in the perpetual nightmare state of insane blood-hunger might be a fate worse than death. At best, the himehorns might have their horns plucked out like carrots and be eaten head-first so they don't have to watch their eggs getting slurped out or turned into bloody yolk-baths...

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Hornlyfe is suffering ;_; Do they at least get a nice afterlife, or is it horns all the way down?

There's supposed to be a himehorn warrior Valhalla...
Apparently the himehorns of old were a powerful, surface-walking warrior race that lived with dignity... the himehorns of the present are kind of worried about being laughed at once they pass into the afterlife. Maybe even bullied!
A lot of their paintings and sculptures reflect this worry. Door paintings tend to have heroic himehorns from ancient times fighting demons, posing, flexing, etc.

The hornmother(?) was dead set on telling bikky to pound salt. Was she the leader because she had a spine, or did she grow a spine because she was the leader?

A hornmother/motherhorn kinda gets pushed into the position of being on top. No one really wants the responsibility of talking to the scary nohorns or managing the herd, but someone always ends up sticking out and getting things pushed onto 'em. The musclehorns and haremhorns seem to know who to follow, but there's always a little panic among the motherhorns ("Uu... stop following me! Stop combing my hair!! GYAAA!! NO I DON'T WANNA WEAR THE ROBES PUT ME DOWN AAAA PLEASE HELP NO DON'T FOLLOW MY ORDERS AAAA NOOO").
Usually the grand hornmother is a little tougher than the rest, but not always. Sometimes she's just a crybaby who doesn't know how to say no.

Do the himehorns secretly like the bullying? When not being bullied are they off reading NTR doujins?

They hate it!
Nohorns go home!!

Aw, it sounds like being musclehorn is suffering. Too bad they're not adoptable. Maybe the surface dwellers could be convinced to donate spare gym equipment...

N-never take a gift from a nohorn!
Don't trust the nohorns!! ;~;
UUu but we'll make them mad if we don't take it...
J-just take it and throw it into the lake!! Uwaa!!
Gwaaah but what if they want it back?! We're doomed aaa AAAA

>>On my way to himehorn paradise How does one, such as me, become worth to enter the himehorn paradise? Are there prayers and fasting days? Do I have to blow myself up?

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Just don't be a bully. Or be a bully and bully your way in -- they've already been cowed into submission long ago, they won't fight back.

What's the musclehorn's purpose? I thought it was protection, but none of them tried to stop Bikkie from smacking the taste out of that himehorn's mouth. Do they just stand around, flex, and try to get more swole than their sisters?

Once upon a time, back when the horned ones lived on the surface, the musclehorns were necessary for protection, intimidation, and building/manual labour... but when the nohorns drove them underground the musclehorns lost most of their purpose. The pact prevents them from taking a stand against the nohorns (not that they'd be able to do anything against a Hunter like Victoria in the first place) and there are few natural enemies underground. The only thing they do now is manual labour, eat, sleep, and get henpecked by motherhorns and haremhorns.

Now that 2014 is over what are some of your picks for best games/movies/anime etc? Personally I'm 100% with these guys' picks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvpNtuSa-Lo also, what's your thoughts on said video?

Video: It's shit.
Atelier Rorona Plus was my GOTY. I'm looking forward to Atelier Ayesha Plus (out in ten days) but I'll hold off on it until I reach Vampire Bride page 150 or so.


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