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What is the exact point where cute and sexy are the same thing?

Snowhorn has one tiny himehorn toe in sexy territory. I think it's her long hair and those fuwafuwa eyelashes.
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What's the sexiest part of a himehorn?

Hornmother: Oversized horns, soft feet, and ability to be spoiled
High ranking Haremhorns: Big boobs and hips and fussiness
Low ranking Haremhorn: Flatness and diligence
Musclehorn: Muscles and sweaty, sour smell

"Pa... I mean, f-father, h-happy birthday or sumthin'..." [image of Vicky (the true a cutest from your works) looking away shyly goes here if I knew how to draw]

Thanks for the birthday wish! =w=
I want to show off more of Bikky's cuteness...
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"Papa, hapi birsuday!" - Japanese Ricecake

S-stop giving me that look my a cutest! My SUPER a cutest! I swear I don't know about any ricecake!! You have to believe me!!! ;www;
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Are you still remodeling your web? What program do you use?

Yeah, still working on it. I want to improve the front page--
things to do:
> improve comic visibility
> re-add lost content from the old site
> add a fan comic viewer
> cross reference more content (e.g. link wallpapers and comics)
> improve gallery viewing/searching experience
> add chapter names (especially for Tomoyo42
> add multi-page comic viewer (for finding that certain comic)
> add auto-thumbnail generator
The list goes on and on....
I use Adobe Dreamweaver. ;w;

Do you also need money and status and a ripped bod || Money and status do help, actually - who doesn't want to be around successful people, and money lets you do fun things whenever you want - but friendship is mostly about intangibles like a sense of humor or the-same-level-of-skill-at-checkers-as-

You got me googling for a good business success reaction image and this is the best I could find. Business stock photos are so damn goofy.
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Making friends is just like falling in love: you find somebody, through luck basically, with common interests, a personality that works with yours. You participate in activities together building trust, sometimes just chatting, while slowly building up a sense of mutual respect, admiration, and trus

Do you also need money and status and a ripped bod
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Why do you think that hearbreaking is very effective when its used with adorable things?

Sad pseudo-babies + bad things happening to good people. Our natural sense of protectiveness for the tribe's babies and outrage at injustice are aroused. That's the whole trick!
Step 1: Muu~ I'm so cute and defenceless muu~ =3= I just want to be a good girl muu~ =3=
Step 2: Aahh! Why are bad thing happening to me muu~ ?! I'll do my best to be good anyway!
Step 3: ;~~; being good didn't help! It keeps happening!
Step 4: ;~~~; I can't fight back anymore muu... Why couldn't you save me, muu~? ;~~;
Step 5: =__= ok I am ded now muu i hop u liek it ugh why
Step 6: Divine intervention -- in the material world injustice prevails, but justice in spiritual realm is served
Step 7: A sign - although the divine intervention is invisible to us, a sign appears in the material world. Only we, the reader, notice this sign... the world of the story continues on, blind and indifferent.

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>Cancelling the game after it has gone gold — Why? If the game was half-decent I don't see how could that be advantageous. Did they expect to lose money publishing it? Maybe it would have been different today with electronic distribution…

Brand control -- the main Splinter Cell 5 was in Development Hell and was going to have a major overhaul. Part of that overhaul meant that our DS version had to be scrapped.

Also I imagined her ears being human/elf-like with "normal" skin... ;~; ||| ... they are loyal to the manga, they are like that even in the color pages ... but yeah, a few more scales for details would be good, for consistency at least, but I am not sure if they would look good with them.

I guess I never really noticed 'em in the colour pages. ;w;
And yeah, they'd look weird with scales...

Her red ears don't look right to me. ;~; ||| Why? ... the color seems to be a little bit off, the red needs to be more intense, but thats all.

If they're red, they should be scaly like the rest of her snake body, right? ... Also I imagined her ears being human/elf-like with "normal" skin... ;~;
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Congrats on the new job! Are you still going to be working on Mother||Child on the side? ...Wait a minute, >secret project >not AAA >brand new kind of gameplay Mother||Child IS the new game you're working on, isn't it!?

Ha ha ha, not this time. ;w;
Maybe in the future though! Just gotta work my way up the ranks a bit (or get into the right production group). =w=
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What games did you work on in the past? Which ones are you most proud of?

A bunch of mobile games and some Nintendo DS ones.
Splinter Cell 5 DS ( a scrapped version that was never released... it was good, too. It got to gold status but was cancelled a week before Christmas. A lot of people quit. I did a few level designs, bosses, and all the minigames. There was a cool cover stealth and cover shootout in a subway that I was pretty proud of).
a DJ Hero like game
Some minigames for a Popstar game
a Cooking Mama like game
Some design work on a Wii pool game
Some design work on a tank battle game for PSN
A 3D physics puzzle game that died pretty early on in development...
Designer on Dungeon Hunter 2 (my favourite -- this is the game I was talking about - I did most of the level and boss design, all of the story, lots of interface stuff, all the multiplayer design, I storyboarded all the cutscenes and even the opening animation, also did a lot of difficulty and enemy balancing... I think the only thing I didn't at least touch was the combat and skill system. Oh, I named the items, too! There's a wand in there called the "sprout wand" that deals weak earth damage, ha ha ha...).
Dungeon Hunter 3 (It started out as a really exciting upgrade to DH2 and then was transformed into F2P arena fighter bullshit. ;~~~; I quit after this).

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