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What happened to the planned magical daughteru raising sim Dan? Or did I hallucinate that?

I think this Mother|iChild game will be much more interesting. Actually, I may collapse some of the ideas into the game... it would be nice if your daughteru developed some skills based on how you interact with her. Go off the screen too much? She'll develop a better lungs or maybe a signal flare... doing lots of long jumps? She may develop a ledge clinging move... You can PRESS X TO HEADPAT to help fix those skills to her build when you notice her doing it.

Do you feed off tears themselves, or are you capable of gaining sustenance from the pure emotion of despair?

I am a plant -- your despair is my sunlight, your tears my rain.

Regarding worldbuilding, do you sit down and plan everything or most of the things out or do you simply wing it as demanded by the plot?

I do a lot of prep work. I always want to get the ideas, principles and goals behind the project as clear and solid as I can before I put anything on the page. When things need to be changed due to world, plot, or whatever, having everything explicitly laid out makes rational, controlled adjustment possible.

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Is sticking a pan full of batter into an oven the cake equivalent of hardcore porn?

The porn is mixing the batter and pouring it.
The baking is just having one in the oven.

Since you live in Montreal, how well do you speak French?

I don't. At all.
Pretty much everyone speaks English, though, so I'm fine.

Thinking back, did you ever imagine yourself as you are now when your were younger/ a kid? Or is the trajectory too weird to comprehend?

Nope. I way less accomplished and way happier than I thought I'd be.

Will metal fist ever be revisited? I was really excited for it and still visit the graveyard for it.

Yeah, it's not dead, just on hold. There are some skills I need to build up on this vampire waifu thing first -- like action scenes, frames, etc.

You're using a cintiq now, right? What do you think about it?

I can never go back to an intuos now.
There are a few things that need improvement, though:
1) the gap between the screen surface and the drawing surface needs to be smaller.
2) It's heavy
3) pen is still laggy
Mostly better tech needed, but that's just a waiting game. It's a very nice machine. I don't even turn on my desktop these days.

any advice on how to write a successful story?

I'm the wrong guy to ask!
Hm for short stories, though, I try to do the following:
1) Get clear about the idea
2) Boil it down and trim the fat
3) Amplify what's left until it reaches comical/grotesque proportions
4) Jump into the abyss and drag the reader down with you, screaming
5) laugh all the way down
Good example might be T42R 388-395

What's Cupcake's favorite kind of person?

Someone who gives her lots of attention and presents and cake so you should definitely do it. No neckbeards, though.

So, what's your favourite kind of sandwich?

Three-layer sandwich:

Do you plan on adding any more stuff to the store on your site?

I'll probably put Paper Eleven back on the shelves.
Maybe waifu commissions? Though people also keep telling me to get on Patreon and maybe waifu rewards would be a better fit for that...? Not sure,

How many different conventions have you sold at? Did you have a favorite?

Otakon (2 or 3 times)
Gen Con Indy
I liked 'em all for different reasons.
Otakon was my first con and I got to hang out with other webcomic guys and meet long-time readers, so I'll always remember that. I took a lot of pictures of folks holding a stuffed version of Nana. A cosplay duo dressed up at Tomoyo/Sakura and also bug-eyed Sakura from Paper Eleven... it was amazing.
Gen Con Indy really opened my eyes to table top gaming. I didn't follow up on that interest much, but it was really cool to get a look into that world. It was fun getting to know the staff there, too -- I even worked together with 'em to design a mascot for the anime section of the con.
TCAF was fun for the after-the-con stuff. There was a great tea party (Miss Orange Dress was there, too) and I got to hang out with @montiray and company.
Otakuthon was a con in my home city - convenient and my most relaxed con by far.

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Do YOU think I have a good grasp of the basics? Or do you not do judging and such? :x

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
From your twitter images it looks like you're thinking in 2D -- everything is like a paper cutout doll with hinge limbs projected flat against the page. Everyone's like that at first, but I think nailing drawing basic shapes in 3D will help you avoid bad habits. Grab Loomis! It helped me a lot and continues to help me.
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What dark secret lurks in your heart?

I'm going to die alone in a bed of half-baked comics and regret everything.


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