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If I'm a nice guy, could I marry your daughteru?

Stay away from my a cutest!
It's for your own good, trust me. You'll go broke trying to keep up with her cake binges and F2P shopping sprees.

Which do you feel is more important, and why: freedom of expression, or people's feelings?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
Yeah, as usual, the joke here is that the debate is won or lost by how you frame the thing. If it's freedom of expression vs muh feels, of course feelings will get very few defenders. If you frame it as choice between a new way of talking that will set us free and make us better vs the old way of talking which closed our minds and kept us trapped in racist/sexist/sinful/suppressive/whatever thought/behaviour patterns, you may split the audience along different lines and in different proportions. And of course you can flip that around and cast it as "honest normal talk" vs "Newspeak 2.0".
You can really set things up any way you want: asshole loudmouth vs empathetic human being ... or how about "sayer of hard truths" vs "spineless hisser of pleasantries", hard-headed realist vs utopian dreamer, protecting the weak from the strong, protecting a principle from mere passion, etc. Like a portrait, you change the lighting a little, pick which features to emphasize, and you have a whole different person. And there's no "true portrait" out there waiting to be painted. You just make your case.
Anyway, personally, I think people just ought to say what they like and let the chips fall where they will. Yeah, there are a lot of immediate and obvious objections, but spare me. Changing my mind will do no good -- the battle will be won by indoctrinating the youth with your beliefs. Go ahead, leave me alone.

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You can make a drawstream of you drawing your character beating people up in Bloodborne's PVP. Then you start the game and get destroyed.

Maybe I'll just hang out in the Dream Refuge and feed souls to mai doll waifu.

What gaming genre are you the worst at playing?

RTS and FPS. My mouse skills are utter garbage - probably because I haven't used one in years. I don't even own a mouse-- ! I use my my touch-sensitive wacom pad and pen for everything.
Also music games. I have no sense of rhythm.

The best thing about my waifu is how her sour sweat smells and tastes after she doesn't bathe for extended periods of time!~

Now look at what you've done! You've made the msuclehorns self-conscious about their smell...!
The best thing about my waifu is how her sour sweat smells and tastes after she
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what do himehorns smell like

Like dirt and fallen leaves after the rain. The musclehorns can smell a little sour if the haremhorns don't get them to bathe enough.

Who is your favorite author?

Kafka. Not for the Metamorphosis, but for The Bucket Rider, First Sorrow, The Hunger Artist, The Vulture, etc.

>AAATTAROOOU!! So, uh, is that your answer or are you yelling at who you think asked? Because you know, it could kind of be taken either way...

So uh is that your answer or are you yelling at who you think asked


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