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Given that the cakeist is not canon, how would you explain its existence (and mysteriousness?) if it were to be canon?

The path to Enna's Domain connects many distant places ... those without guidance may slip out of the world, be spread out across many the many stars or, well, they might end up like Snowhorn Husbando. Something similar might have happened to the cakeist.

>An electric egg beater. | Going for the obvious one, uh? First they would need to know what it is to fear it, right?

They'd have to see it in action actually beating an egg, yes.
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Is there a kind of modern commodity (like ceiling fans or escalators) that would scare a himehorn for some reason?

An electric egg beater.
They might also find certain kinds of perfumes and scented items (especially items that should not be scented that way) very disturbing/disorienting/nauseating... almost like seeing arms/legs/eyes on a things that shouldn't have them.

I've noticed a trend in gaming where games start strong but by the end they kind of sputter and crash like an anticlimatic trainwreck. RE7 is a recent example, while others like Deus Ex, MGSV, Mass Effect 3, and FFXV (excluding post game content) come to mind as well. What do you think?

Quite common -- most customers don't finish their games and with limited time and budget you put your effort where people will see it. The effect becomes exaggerated on big budget AAA games for obvious reasons (more time and money required per polish pass and with larger overhead cost per pass and constant time/money pressure). Effect can be mitigated by having infinite money/time (Valve, Rockstar) and having smaller highly trained teams working with known and well understood game structures (Witcher), or small enough projects that allow constant low cost iteration (lower budget indie games).

>Sigrid returning||So that means the return of the Sister she had to personally blow in half right? Well, this may just be my fetish for naked short-haired ladies crying in despair after being forcefully implanted with demon spawn speaking, but I'm looking forward to it. She was qt.

It is an excellent fetish. The pain and horror of knowing that you've been cut off from the afterlife and sick feeling of both horror and tenderness you have towards the new life growing inside you... good (bad) times.


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