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Yukkuri shite ne but with a cakebutt I just made you a million internet dollars. You're welcome.

Thank you! I will spend the million on more cakebutts.

Have you read/watched/played Little Busters! ?

Nope! Not sure if ever will. I might be getting too old for highschool sad-girl-in-snow dramas.

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Do you know who is Segata Sanshiro?

Good times. I remember downloading all the commercials using Getright back when spotty dialup internet and download managers were still things.

Are Vampires a Witchs' creation that got out of control?

Out of control... or according to plan?
Where are all the other witches, anyway...?
Still working on the wiki. I'll give a shout when the Vampire entry is done...

>a little cake | Every year!? How many sisters does Cupcake have?!

Not like that! I mean a regular cake, not a cutest and best cake! ;w;

Are you doing anything special for Sakura's birthday tomorrow?

Same thing I do every year -- a little cake in offering, then Sakura tunes all day.

Cake Lore: DC 15 Cakes can be found at the entrances of caves. DC 20: Cakes are delicious and sweet. DC 25: Cakes favor their natural weapons. DC 30: Cakes do not seem to grow in soil. DC 40: CAKES ARE SPEWED FROM NOHORN CAKE HOLES

>Cake lore || DC10: Cakes are sweet and often fluffy | DC15: Cakes are edible. | DC20: Cakes cannot have too much frosting on or inside of them. | DC25: Cupcakes have more frosting that cake, and you do not frost pancakes. Darker cakes may be frosted only after being bought by one who loves them.
>DC30: HOLY FUCK, YOU CAN BAKE THESE!? I thought they were dropped off of some exotic animal!

You know, Darkcake could use her good sense to do well in the business world. If she teams up with Cupcake as her... we'll call it manager... the two sister team could make a good, mostly reputable career for themselves.

Cupcake could probably make it as an idol. Well... maybe a net idol...

Mr. Kim? I have some bad news.We tested Cupcake and you're not the one who baked-- oh, you already know that? You wanted her tested for STDs? Right.Well that's also bad news.I'm afraid she tested positive for several Sweeter Tasting Diseases,including Sunett,NutraSweet, Sweet ‘N Low, ...and Splenda.

Studies have shown that teens take less extreme risks when they're given a safe place to experiment and try out new experiences in life. Shouldn't you be letting Cupcake bring her frosting friends home, so you know she's safe in her room and not in a cheap dirty love hotel instead?

I'm hoping Darkcake will be a good influence on her. Maybe she'll see how hard she's working and learn to live right.

I was watching the rerelease of the OG Sailor Moon (R, to be specific), and came across an episode where the bad guys took over an all-you-can-eat cake shop, and the monster fought by frosting all of the Sailor Scouts. Do you think this is where Cupcake got it from?

Cupcake came from my batter and Sakura's oven! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE DNA TEST SAYS CHAD MCHUGEBAKERY GET OUT REEEEEE

It's my belief that the Apostles have no smell because they are robot bodies. The robot body is actually operated by that alien life form sitting on the head that looks like a hat. >.<

So if you take the hat off... she died?
Apostles confirmed for 2hus.
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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod" this is in the herd page what kind of bohorn curse is this?!

It must be the work of an evil witch! I'm going to fix it!

What kind of comedy do you prefer?

Anything but preachy, self-righteous, "I wanna change how you see the world" comedy, please.
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>Entire Vampire Bride world is covered with frosting.

In the darkest grimdark at the end of the universe, there is only frosting, fuzzy feet, and stretchy cloaca.
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