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Would you recommend getting the 5 finger discount on a Cintiq tablet? :Ic

Don't steal, anon!!

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Would you recommend Clip Studio Paint? I don't know whether to learn that one or Photoshop.

Never tried it. A lot of people seem to like it though. Ask around some more.

Cakeluck! =w=

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Hey Dan, is a Wacom Intous a good place to start? They made a new one in january, any tips?

Great place to start!
Just remember that a bigger pad isn't always better -- you want one that works with your natural drawing movements. If you're a fingertip drawer like me, a medium mad is more than enough. If you make huge arm movements, get a larger one. Make sure you try the pads out in a store, though.

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Marry, bully, ignore?

Super a cutest, updates, 3DPD.

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What program do you use to draw?

Would himehorns, vampires, and templars make for a good 4X RTS?

A Vampire Bride 4X game would be pretty cool. But a finished comic would be even better.
No more ask.fm today. Gotta write/draw.

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When can you tell us what the project is?


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Did you finish to read Ogeha?

I did just now! It was okay.

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Anno finished his opus though... Even in the middle of a depressive episode

Looks like I have to GET IN THE ROBOT

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Dan! You work for videogames! Make games better, NOW!

I'm doing my best every day!! ;ww;
Luckily I have quite a bit of influence on this project. Feels good, man.

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Dan, you are the Hideaki Anno of web comics... you even look like him a little.

Time for Himehorn's Daily Life 2.1: You can (not) Go Home

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At Dan's current rate of work, 2 pages a month, he'll finish 24 pages a year. Vampire Bride is an estimated 500 pages in length. Consequentially, Dan will take 16 years to finish it. He'll have just turned 50, and it'll be 2033.

jesus christ how horrifying

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Hey Dan, once robots automate everything and we're all living in a futuristic utopia where you only have 12 hour work weeks (at most), will you finally finish the damn comic? Or is the death of the universe going to happen before that?

I'll finish the damn comic, anon. I'll finish it.

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When are we going to see a map of the caves?

I'll save it for after Himehorn's Daily Life and the himehorn arc in Vampire Bride.
So 2092.

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Are you ever going to make a comic with no homo? Not complaining, just curious.

Nana wasn't homo at all!
And HH had that imouto / onii-chan strip. And those Ayeka strips.

Also himehorns?

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Make one ask.fm for ALL your cake doughters.

Just preface your question with "Question for ___cake:"

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Will you let Darkcake get her own ask, tho?

Hmm... maybe. I bet Cupcake would use her ask.fm though.

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You going to any cons this year, Dan? I mean, ones outside of Quebec?

Chris Charabaruk

Not likely. I think I'm done with cons -- I only enjoy 'em when I'm behind the artist's alley table and I don't really have any new material to show.

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When Cupcake is going to get her own ask so we can ask her stupid stuff and get answered back incompresible stuff?

There's no way I'm letting my a cutest have an ask.fm. She'll just get questions about her butt and her feet and her squishy fingertips again.

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Do you think there are actual herd companies in Raisin's world?

Maybe. Himehorns go to school after all. But it's sad to think they'll spend almost their entire life in school... for what purpose, exactly? ;_;

Maybe they get to quit early. Or just go for a short while so they can get used to nohorns...

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Is... is Ubi my herd...? | The resistance is futile, Dan! You are going to be assimilated into the great Ubi hivemind!

Don't forget to pick up your Vampire Bride season pass!!

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What is your herdsona, Dan?

Greatest Cakewitch Dankim, of course!

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Thanks for reading! =w=

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You are a haremofficehorn, and you spend your day running around pleasing your Bosshorn's whims. Haremofficehorns that don't listen to their bosshorns are labeled defective and are fired from the companyherd. Except in your case no one is waiting to trade cakes for defective haremofficehorns.

This is truly the worst timeline.

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... but the herd is like a big happy company!

Does that mean a company is like a herd?
Is... is Ubi my herd...?

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