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The indexed a cuteness of things by consumption: 1. (a) eating (b) being eaten 2 . subsets of 1 (a) unto 1 (b) when cuteness requires a relation of set 1 (a) to 1 (b). note i: special thanks to Mr. Kim for significate contributions to all categories. Revision 1.01

That's what I'm here for.

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4/? still she is learning more than she would have otherwise. Not that she's smarter than any other horn, but she is now fully literate in English. I wonder how long they can keep this up before the teachers catch on?

As long as she doesn't notice your defective horn's pointy teeth and overly pale skin... and black eyes... ;ww;

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3/? To my surprise, they appear to have gotten away with it for now. Hats and hair wraps keep her horns hidden and she trims her nails. But I feel this will not end well. I now have to make plans in case that horn gets outed or captured so I can get her back quickly.

Hmm... so your defective horn became the mysterious transfer student with a secret. Maybe she'll make friends with a good nohorn. ;w;

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2/? This new defective horn is a odd ball mentally. It was enthralled about human life and wanted to live like one. Physically she is a normal himehorn, but she wants to learn what it is to be a nohorn. So my wife and kids made a fake IDs for her to go to school with my kids!

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Sorry not posting much lately. After that world tour via the witch caves, I needed a break. That and to catch up with my family and herds. While I was away, I found out the rest of my family and one new slightly defective horn hatched a plan. 1/?

Kukuku... "hatched". =w=

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4/? The locals hailed him a hero for killing the 'Onis' but I know better now. The bones are real and come from musclehorns, hornmothers and worker horns. Still, I shouldn't surprised Himehorns had such an impact on human mythos and legends.

Another tale for the herd records...
I want to believe there are still some horns on earth, hiding amongst us in a safe and cozy place.

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3/? the Local lord with his army laid an ambush for the 'Onis' with his best drinks and the 'Onis' took the bait. They where killed by bow men and traps, but even then it was messy fight. He followed up and wiped out the rest of the 'tribe' and he personally killed the 'Oni Queen' and her daughters.

2/? but the herd grew so big that run ins with the villagers happened too often. The 'Onis' caused problems, stole food, and killed and hurt a number of villagers. Worse they took all the alcoholic drink that was made. Soon they whole 'clan' of 'Onis' turned into drunkards.

Defectivehorn Apostle here. Well, after I got that priest to calm down enough to talk and getting my horns in line, I found out that a 'family' of 'Oni' showed up in a nearby cave centuries ago. for a time the locals stayed away and the 'Onis' harmed no one. 1/?

Good horns! Don't eat the nohorns... remember your lesson from the herd records! ;w;

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5/5 When they attempted to grab me, I called for @muscle_Horn and her team to appeared and capture them instead. They panicked at first and then started to call them Oni! That is when I realized that ancient Asians peoples had many run ins with my wild herds in the distant past.

That explains a lot... Maybe those brightly colored oni that appear ancient stories might be musclehorns covered in bright red blood. ;w;
But how did they get there? Did the Southern Witch bring them here along ago? Or perhaps they were lost herds?

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, Sorry for being gone for awhile. After taking care of my family, I decided to barrow some Musclehorns, @muscle_Horn too, and enough horns to keep them in line and go find out how far the Witch caves go on Earth. 1/?

Defective horn Apostle returns!
The witch caves are dangerous for those who are not apostles or under the care of an apostle. They extend seemingly and even following your path backwards may not return you to where you began. A strange place that leads to stranger places.

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