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2/2 I can do surgery work on himehorns for the most part, but dentistry is a bit beyond me now. Could a nohorn dentist work on a himehorn just fine? Thankfully my herd hasn't had any teeth problems yet. Or is himehorn teeth better than nohorn's teeth?

A himehorn's teeth will be fine for her lifetime as long as she eats what the haremhorns give her. Cake will cause problems. ;~;

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Defectivehorn keeper here, I see you drew the wounded and blinded hornmother with broken teeth a couple of strips back, now she can eat a raw carrot with no issues or pain. Did she get her teeth fixed? or did her teeth regrow? 1/2

Hmm, you'll see what happened. The Apostle's house is in an usual place. If you can call it a place at all...

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She looks like she means well but can cause a lot of havoc because of curiosity or carefree-ness. Is she one of the kind? Like, among all daughters, is she the only one like that? Is the "kukuku" her signature sound? So many questions man.

She's the only one that's like that. She's the most witchy of the witch-daughters. And that is indeed her signature sound.

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Funny thing about doctors. I know someone works as a surgeon - bottles are stowed away in the office and shared around to deal with the stress. Once in a while the call comes after they've had a few sips... Then again this sounds like a typical job for a (noir) meguca, so Darkcake should be fine.

She's going to end up like the doctor female lead in "The Man Who Can't Get Married" ... ;__;

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Does Darkcake know about the kinds of hours that doctors have to put in?

Yes. She'll be busy. So busy she won't have time for other things. She'll fall asleep the moment she goes back to her apartment then get up and do it all over again for 40 years. And that will be her life.

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2/2 So I rounded them up and took them to my regional airport. I couldn't take them inside for obvious reasons, so letting them see the planes land and take off from the fence line had to do. I think it left them in awe of them in the end. I don't know if they want to fly on a plane just yet.

If they went in a plane they'd probably the first horns to go higher than the upper branches of a herdtree.

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