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What are the main characteristics of goldhair (aside from the hair) and how can you tell them apart from normal nohorns if they wanted to pose as one of them?

-Striking beauty
-Super strength
-Always thirsty
-Also craves blood quite often
-Impervious to cold
-Doesn't smell like a nohorn
-Big wings
-Doesn't age (well, do they 'dry out'...)
-Vulnerable to various sources of holy power
-Some can become small and fuzzy and bweh
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Her sisters? Have you seen how that one sister was looking at that templar with the scar over her eye? They themselves are about to have a holy orgy.

All children of the White Witch's garden are sisters. And I'm sure you're misreading that one sister -- she's probably just happy to have visitors her own age she can talk to.

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How do you NOT distract yourself while making comics? How can you stay focused?

Just imagine reflecting on your daily activities from your deathbed. Will you be happy that you sent a day viewing youtube videos or will you be happy that you did your work to achieve what was most important to you in life?
Another way: imagine when you die you meet the best version of yourself -- man you could have been -- and you have to explain yourself and your choices to him.
Another way: think of yourself as doing a favour for your future self.
Another way: Try to outsmart that lazy buy inside you who wants to take over your life.
Another way: Try to manage your own life as if were someone else's -- like someone you cared about. Manage yourself from a third person perspective.

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DanK, I just woke up from a dream where I went to a Police Station and there was a super cute girl with short hair, glasses and B-cups wearing just a towel. I couldn't utter a single word and I woke up trying to. How do I stop myself from commiting a crime in hopes of meeting her?

Commit a minor traffic infraction and hope for the best.

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