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If yes what ya think about it? (fuck you too ask).

Haven't watched it yet -- I'll take a look after I get some work done.

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How do you feel about having roommates?

Roomba chan

I hate it!
I really need my space.
I always avoid going to cafes, the super market, and the laundry during peak hours, too. I even take special care to avoid metro peak hours. I'm fine at work, but man, when I get home I need to be alone.

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Did you watch the blame movie? If yes wh

If yes wh?

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Ganbatte, sempai!

Esper, Rosehip fangirl

thx nyannyan

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>Still going to chans The dream is dead Dan, leave the remains in peace and UPDATE, I want more 44 444 captain.

I want to draw more 444444th Captain, too. Especially as a kid!

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Do you still browse the 4Chins or is that too much of a timesink? I think /jp/ still tries to summon you from time to time.

I'm on /v/ and /a/ most days.
I poke in on /jp/ every now and then, but not often.

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Do you do the @haremhorn and suchlike accounts, or are they endorsed fan works?

That's @haremhorn 's account. She's a smallharemhorn.
I don't run it. (really)

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So, Cupcake sucks your wallet dry so she can provide herself the love of someone else? So sad... but given that is you we are talking about, it could have been worse.

Cupcake... Darkcake... I've failed you both.
I am a bad dad.

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I'd have to draw more pages to fix the mess. | You could have said no instead of lying, Dan.


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Cupcake, Darkcake, Pancake. Is there a Cheesecake or a Beefcake?

No cheesecake.
Maybe @heathercrunch is Beefcake?

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I think that thanks to and your shitposting, the fine line between what is canon and what is not is a blurry mess in your lore... are you ever going to do something about that?

I'd have to draw more pages to fix the mess.

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The bandana smallhorns have names?

Himehorns don't have names. They tell each other apart by smell and don't really have a strong sense of individuality anyway.

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Where have you learned to draw ? (sry for the very basic question)


If you want help drawing though, pick up the Loomis books. You can easily google and find them online. : >

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WIPE THIS MEME FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH | No can do, you even refuse to look at the photographic evidence you asked for. U_U

That was clearly Photoshop. My a cutest and a best isn't like that.

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Wait... if Cupcake was the one who gave the cakeist his witchdevice... does that mean she is his Sugar Momma? Well, more like Cake Momma in this case :p

>Sugar Momma
At least it's not mini-cupcake momma


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Will cupcake appear in BV at some point? (I mean, aside from a cover from a bad VG)

Unlikely. She'll appear in Puella Pantsuit though.

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> I'll buy her a new one || Erm... isn't she spoiled rotten ? :p

I know... I know.
Cupcake is a lost cause.
I'll do better with Pancake.

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So... it was Cupcake the one that gave the cakeist his witchdevice? It all makes sense now ... even their relationship ;v


Cupcake is a GOOD APOSTLE who picks up cake offerings and does her okayest every day!!!

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Why is smallhorn so cute

So the haremhorns will feed and care for them. ;www;

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How many witchdevices have you "lost" in the caves?

I've bought a lot of phone for my apostle. Sometimes I think she 'loses' them just so I'll buy her a new one.

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No thanks. | ... can't you go beyond that and get the message from the video?

Reaction to Vivendi purchase of Ubi's shares ?


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Did you know that the cuteness of the smallhorns actually make nohorns stronger? (just sharing the video for the sources in the description)

Small groot looks like a funkopop. No thanks.

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Have you ever drawn "realistic" smallhorns or just full grown hornmothers?

I always draw smallhorns in their huggable squishy-faced form. That’s probably how they look to the rest of the herd anyway.

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